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What is it about the Kennedy's that makes most people so obssesive. This Sunday see's the screening of 'The Lost Kennedy Home Movies' on More 4. I know that I will be watching, but again I ask why do people like the Kennedy's so much ?


Lost Hope ?

Romaticism ?

Escapism ?


I am not sure, Jack & Bobby were some very dynamic & articulate peeopl & who could not love them really, but the underbelly of what they were was not all good. It starts with Joe Kennedy & where he came from...maybe it is the rougue truned good & used his sons to cloud his past. But the sons themselves were not so clean & serene...they had many a darkside about them. Indescretions with the opposite sex whilst being married Catholic men. The there was the party animal that lived in Jack & his wild times with the Rat Pack before becoming President...It goes on & on...or maybe it is both sides of what some might term the American Dream...The Good & The Bad...& by God they were both.


But the world could not live with these Men living the way they did & getting away with it...the Liberalism just did not fit the visons of the Dream.


For me the 'Obessesion' is about being Human...being themselves & not pretending to be something else...well not really, they did hide alot of what they did...but now it is out there, people dont love them any less. I do believe the world would be a different place if JFK had never been killed.


I sometimes think of the might have beens.


Anyway, just a short discourse on my thoughts of the Kennedys...


Be well.


Nov 22, 2011 - 06:56 PM


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well not really, they did hide alot of what they did but now it is out there, people dont love them any less

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